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Should you require a quote for a translation, send us an email to presupuesto@miatraductores.com with the document to be translated attached thereto. Let us know into which language you need to have it translated as well as the scheduled date you would like to receive it, and we will provide you with a free estimate.

If the original document to be translated is printed and as such it can not be emailed, send it to us via fax (Fax + 34 94 441 41 28) or by courrier to MIA TRADUCTORES, Particular de Estraunza 8 - 11º A 48011 Bilbao Vizcaya, Spain. You can also reach us by phone on + 34 94 441 41 28.

MIA TRANSLATORS guarantees the strictest confidentiality regarding any material provided to us to be translated. To such effects, we agree to execute the appropriate confidentiality agreements by virtue whereof, any release, distribution or reproduction of the documents received, will be forbidden.

Together with the translation we will send you our invoice, which will have to be paid by bank transfer within a 30 day term as of the issuing date.

If you wish, you can fill in this form to send us the text you need to translate, and we will send you a free estimate.


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